Puerto Rico’s Lottery

Everyone knows that the lottery is always about big jackpots the government pays out if your lucky enough to win it. In the US, the lottery is a big part of our world. Its a popular trend to play especially when there’s over a 500 million dollar prize. The lottery comes from taxes the government collects and is done so that the money can be used by the winner and help stimulate the economy. You can always choose a cash now option or to get it over 20 years or so. Now in Puerto Rico, the situation is different. The government recently put up 32 million dollars yet the catch is you can only take the 20 year option. This is because they cannot pay the prize at the moment even after taxes. In other words the government is bankrupt. Or that they are using tax money for other purpose. Either way, there must not be enough money for some reason. Even though Puerto Rico has a higher than normal tax rate. I like many others would like an explanation. But in my thoughts, if they can’t pay the prize out, then why have a lottery? It won’t have too much of a difference on the economy. In all this is a problem that needs to be addressed because shortages in money are not a good thing. Thoughts?

Negligence by the US

It seems that Puerto Rico is often neglected by the US in many ways. But a very sad case is when it deals with crimes. As outlined by the sites below, Puerto Rico’s crime rate is extremely high. The murder rate is that above the US. Along with that, the unemployment is higher then that in the US. Many things that seem to help this cause is the fact that the US doesn’t help much. One problem is corruption in the Police Department. Even though the US has stepped in before, the effect wasn’t that great. Another problem outlined before was that the drug problem is great in PR. While the US ignores pleas by Puerto Ricans for help with the problem. And lack of funding doesn’t help. The US seems to spend more money on the border war with mexico and drugs then the Caribbean problems.

This makes you wonder if the US cares enough about Puerto Rico to even consider it becoming a state. And Puerto Rico seems to be struggling greatly on its own.

PR to return to Spain?

Below are the links to two sites with different views on this one group that talks about Puerto Rico returning to Spain. There are multiple ways this could end.

1: This never happens and Puerto Rico keeps being a US common wealth. It would keep slowly becoming chaos unless the government changes things. It would also mean losing our culture over time since more and more common in Puerto Rico are American views. English is taught almost everywhere and even American Football is gaining popularity.

2: It becomes a US state. This would mean the PR culture will eventually disappear. And English will be seen as a second language. On the other hand, the government will finally become better. The laws will be more strict. The economy will get better and crime may go down. But this won’t be an overnight change. Statehood has ups and downs.

3: We join Spain. The idea of becoming somewhat of a Spanish Colony can be quite startling. But the benefits of rejoicing are similar to becoming a state. The major exception is that we would still keep our culture if not make it stronger. But it might be more beneficial to Spain then to PR. If we do become part of Spain, whose to say we will have to have their government and laws? For now no one. But that can change as this gains popularity. Who knows.

4: Puerto Rico becomes its own nation. It sometimes seems like this is the case. I mean we have our own Olympic team, share a somewhat different government then US and have some of our laws. But that doesn’t mean it would be great. If we do become our own nation, what government would we have? Federal, unitary? How will it work, Democracy? I mean in order to make that democracy, it would have to take great minded people. And seeing as how corrupt some people are, I’m sure checks and balances can be thrown out the window. If anything it will be like the Articles of Confederation. The first government USA had before the Declaration of Independence. Which was a weak national government and strong local government. Which means each town would have their own powers. And if it turned to be opposite, the governor would probably abuse the power.

In all there are sacrifices. The fourth scenario being least likely. But becoming a state would be beneficiary if a compromise to help preserve our culture is met. We can’t end up like Hawaii. Their culture isn’t strong like how it used to be. Unless Spain can offer even more opportunities and be a savior to Puerto Rico, the island will keep going on how it is for now. And we can’t agree that its doing great.

http://www.latinorebels.com/2014/06/10/actual-puerto-ricans-want-puerto-rico-to-become-part-of-spain-again/ http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2014/06/09/group-says-puerto-rico-should-re-unite-with-spain/

Puerto Rican Mayors

Just the other day a bill in PR was passed that no longer lets mayors raise their own earnings.

How much longer was the government going to take with this!!!!!!?

Finally I think, the corruption level might level of and the mayors might actually give a sh*t. Now that they can’t just sight around and procrastinate, they may actually do some work. But there’s also the possibility they might refuse to do work unless they get a raise. It could occur. But at the moment this is one step closer to less corruption.


Trip to PR

I recently went on a trip to Puerto Rico for a quinceañero. It was a great one week stay. Had a lot of fun. Hadn’t been in PR for over two years. Imagine how many family members I had to greet and give a kiss to (took me a while to get used to the fact they don’t do that in the US). It was fun. But there was always a constant worry. Apparently the Agencies or Departments in PR were going to go on strike because the government had given the Police Department more money. So the Gas companies, including gas stations, and light and water companies had said they would go on strike if they didn’t get more money. Now the government doesn’t have enough money to give everyone money. So this strike and even riots were a worrying factor every day. I always made sure I had gas in the car and phone charged.

Things like these about Puerto Rico are things that make you want to leave the island. The light agency was thinking of raising the bill on people which hasn’t been raised since the 80s. Either that or go bankrupt and not work. So imagine how frustrated people are. It just seems that people in Puerto Rico just want money. I mean its been like this for a while but this level of extremeness is incredible.



I’m a young Puerto Rican. Born in NY and partially raised in Puerto Rico and partially in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been living in the US much longer then I was in PR. And I can’t say I love it here more than PR. Surely its way better than PR. But I don’t love it here. I’m Puerto Rican and my blood boils for some pinchos and hearing Coquis at night. But if it wasn’t for the US I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’ve experienced the difference. The education margin is huge. Until college, PR is far behind educationally. And not only that but employment is bad, crime rates are high, economy is bad. I mean its horrible. And it’s almost as if the government doesn’t care. I hate bad mouthing my home but I just can’t let it go on without saying anything. If it wasn’t for US tho I wouldn’t be here today as the person I am. I’m trilingual, both English and Spanish on par, and French is okay. I have superb grades in school and looking to pursue a career as a Marine Corp Officer soon (oorah). The opportunities have been good to me and you can best believe I don’t let any go. But for the main reason I’m here is to shed my light on topics about Puerto rico. It seems that its always either Puerto Rican or American based and ima use both perspectives. So hopefully I can get this out there.